Intellispring Starts Work on TSA Systems

January 1, 2003

Despite budget constraints, the Transportation Security Administration this month tapped Unisys, and Unisys has tapped some of Intellispring Technologies data networking resources to begin building its information technology infrastructure. Pending availability of funds, TSA announced August 2 that it will move forward with its Information Technology Managed Services (ITMS) program — the same day Congress passed an emergency supplemental appropriations bill that cut $1 billion from the $4.4 billion the fledgling agency had requested.

Putting to rest some of the uncertainty about the availability of information technology funding, the Transportation Security Administration last week awarded the first two work orders for its IT infrastructure.

TSA, which has been building its organization from scratch since Congress created the agency in November 2001 in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, awarded work orders August 13.

TSA announced earlier this month that it had selected Intellispring to provide some of the resources to work on its Information Technology Managed Services (ITMS) program, providing the agency with core information systems and services. Before proceeding, though, TSA had to undergo an investment review process as one of the agencies slated to become part of the proposed Homeland Security Department. Now work can begin, TSA officials say.

The first order covers the creation of an enterprise operations center, which includes installing a data center that houses the agency’s central computing and storage systems, and a security operations center, a centralized location for protecting systems, according to Megan Russell, the ITMS contracting officer. The second order covers IT equipment, such as asset management and wireless, local-area, wide-area and virtual private networks, for TSA headquarters, 429 airports nationwide and field offices.

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