Intellispring announces a new strategic partnership with Tandberg to provide full scale Telepresence

June 1, 2010

Intellispring Technologies Inc. announces a new strategic partnership with Tandberg the leading global provider of telepresence and high-definition video conferencing solutions. As a Tandberg partner, Intellispring can now offer full scale turnkey Telepresence solutions. The TANDBERG Total Telepresence solution incorporates innovative technology for crystal clear video and sound, integration capability, plus a suite of services to allow for easy execution. “Collaborative Video is rapidly becoming the most effective way to communicate and share information,” said Trez Brown, CEO and Founder, Intellispring Technologies.

Telepresence is an industry category that applies to collaboration technologies providing an “in-person” virtual experience to give the appearance that they were present, or to have an effect, at a location other than their true location. Originally introduced as a completely separate visual communications category with a narrow set of rules including camera placement and display sizes to ensure an “in person” meeting experience, the term “telepresence” has evolved over the past few years to embrace a larger set of High Definition (HD) video devices that provide 1080p resolution video, wideband audio and low latency. Telepresence is also high usage and low TCO, differentiating it from traditional video conferencing With the evolution of traditional video conferencing from standard definition (SD) to HD video resolutions, and a spectrum of products ranging from the meeting room all the way to the desktop, the high end of that segment has blended with telepresence to form a new expanded telepresence market category.

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