Intellispring and Firefly Alliance Paves Way for Data Center Technologies

April 1, 2005

Intellispring Technologies, Inc. and Firefly Communications, LLC unveiled a broad-based initiative that will help Cisco customers of all sizes implement data center technologies including core IP routing and switching, storage networking, and optical networking. Typically, customers need solutions implemented and they need training on the equipment; this partnership gives the both. The initiative will provide customers with a more comprehensive portfolio of solutions from yielding greater potential for cost savings and employee productivity. The combination of design, implementation, and training streamlines the implementation and sales cycle. Our customers can get their design, implementation, AND train their staff from one company. No one else is offering such a complete solution.

“The Intellispring/FireFly Strategic Alliance provide tremendous opportunities for both companies by offering our customers unique, comprehensive solutions for both Network Infrastructure and Training that enable customers to fully utilize there routing and switching Hardware. This relationship combines our complete portfolio of Intellispring architectural design and implementation, followed by Firefly’s Certified end client training on the Cisco hardware.”

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