Intellispring™ Begins Deploying Voice Networks for the U.S. Army

September 1, 2004

Intellispring announced today that it has begun deploying traditional voice networks for the U.S. Army. Intellispring, primarily known in the industry for data network engineering, has offered design and employment of voice networks including voice switches, PBX’s and voice mail for many years. Al Adjahoe, Director of Operations, said “This is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase Intellispring’s broad service offerings and our ability to meet our customers at their point of need.”

In this role as a sub-contractor to the Army, Intellispring will deploy full service systems and solutions that include installation and on site training.

Many companies, including the Army, decide to use traditional voice networks due to their proven quality and reliability of switching capability. Although many companies are moving toward newer technologies like VoIP, it will take quite a few years to completely swap the enormous installed base of voice networks.

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