Intellispring Acquires End-2-End IT Services

August 1, 2005

Intellispring today announced that they have bought End-2-End for a undisclosed amount of revenue and stock. This acquisition is a clear win for Intellispring, which can now focus on growing key End-2-End customers and their traditional enterprise market. The deal will facilitate Intellispring’s push into the enterprise networking market, the company said in a statement. Following the close of the acquisition, Intellispring will operate End-2-End as a division and will continue to sell its services under the End-2-End name.

“This acquisition supports our vision to drive innovations into the enterprise market and create next-generation enterprise solutions,” Alfred Adjahoe, said in a statement. The acquisition has been approved by the board of directors of each company, but will be subject to closing conditions, including a waiting period thru the end of the year, Intellispring said.

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